Monday Morning Metagame (1/29)

Burgle’s Bash Breakdown: January 27th

We Live Here Now

So last week I told you the tale of the Dead of Winter standard:  4 weeks of frenzied durdling, an arrival of an aggro deck to keep those filthy durdlers in check, and the prompt nerfing of that aggro deck.  The result?  A 10 point gap between the performance of the best slow decks…and everybody else.

But Hex players are intrepid.

They are brave.

They are innovative.

This weekend, they took up the gauntlet that was thrown down by those dirty Blood, Diamond-Sapphire Control and Pathfinder Ramp players.  And they…durdled…HARDER.

17 players played Blood-based control decks.  16 players played Wild-based ramp decks.  And a Dirty Dozen (ish) players set out to punish these players with low curves, evasive troops, and reach.  They collected the best among us:  Cosmic Crown Showdown Champion Icecon, 6th-Greatest Hex Player Of All Time Metronomy, and a guy who just wanted to maindeck 4 Brosi-Buk.  And together they armed themselves with Underworld Crusaders and Mama Yetis and CHARGED!

Onward! Blitz the greedy decks, boys! For the honor of an honest curve!

…into the superior technology of the Durdle hordes, with predictable results.

Revyd really wonders why he was chosen by the gods to survive this slaughter. He finished 12th, and lived out the remainder of his years feeding pigeons in central park.

Metronomy 1-2’d.  Icecon 0-2’d.  Over the first 3 rounds, the aggressors won about 35% of their matches collectively.  Revyd managed to run back the 1-2 start into winning his next next 4.  The days of the aggro deck were behind us.

Neat Stuff

Despite the Aggropocalypse, there was some interesting innovations.  With respect to the interesting Verdict Control take by Vazrael, and SaigoNoBoss’s persistent work with The Aristocrats, let’s talk about:

 ThufirHawat’s Blood-Sapphire Aggro

I like ThufirHawat.  Every week, he asks himself a simple question:  what’s the best deck in the format, and why is the combination of Warpsteel Shardsworn and Consult the Talons the answer to it?

That said, if you think that mono-blood and ramp decks are going to be the most popular decks, this is a really interesting take.  It plays basically no cards that feel good to spend removal on, because almost every card produces 2+ bodies.  This also produces bodies for Consult the Talons (a way to grind card advantage).  Silver Talon Mandate and Commander Prompt end games against wild decks quickly, as those decks traditionally have a lot of trouble blocking evasive creatures.

There are some neat subtleties going on with this deck too: Runebind rebuys triggers from things like The Librarian and Silver Talon Mandate, and we here at Burgle Industries approve of the 3 casualties of war – Thufir’s paying close attention to curve and not just jamming 4 herofalls.


  • The Librarian is nicely robust to removal, and attacks along a weird axis. But is it better to streamline with an Underworld Officer that would get bigger with every warpsteel and skittering cultivator, as well as being an unblockable 3/2 on attack by itself?  Can Rizzix be turned on?

YungDingo’s Sapphire-Wild Turns

I wrote about this deck last week.  I said it was good vs. blood, and a very well-positioned deck for the Durdle Nirvana we’re currently in.  YungDingo obviously agreed:  He looked at cards like Tilling the Soil and said “This card merely accelerates me.  It does not give me value and card advantage.” So he replaced it (and a Wildlife) with Mightsinger of the Ages and Eternal Bastion.

YungDingo @#$%ing gets it:  In a meta where you are wholly unafraid of people having the sheer poisonous gall to threaten your health total, this is phenomenally great idea.  Mightsinger, if you can reach the the 5W threshold, is a card that will kill your opponent if you get to take extra turns.  In the meanwhile, it works nicely with Palm of Granite and Balthazar’s power to help keep the hand full during Eyes of the Heart turns.  Eternal Bastion has a similar effect.

I have no questions.  This deck is perfect.  YungDingo is perfect.


(Editor’s note: And if you want the in depth dive from the YungDingo himself, check it out by clicking here!)


  • Diamond Sapphire Control didn’t show up. The best-performing non-blood deck last week, only 3 people played the Turbo-PA version, and only 3 people played the more classic version.  Turbo-PA took second.  Popular opinion might suggest that the wild decks are too threat dense and top-end heavy, but Diamond Sapphire keeps putting people in the top 8 even with few players.
  • We are still in Durdle Nirvana. Follow your heart.  Take all the turns.  1 and 2 CMC cards largely optional.  Have a plan for low-to-the-ground aggro decks, but also understand that their resources are a bit inconsistent, and they have very few ways to get rid of big blockers, or to push evasive damage past Wildlife/Merry Caravan.  There will come a day when the aggro decks will rise again…but today is not that day.
  • Blood and Ramp decks represent 50% of the metagame. If you are not playing Confounding Ire, Blinding Ire or Burning Ire and you have the option to… re-evaluate your life choices.

Think I’m wrong?  Want to argue with people over standard decks?  Want to convince people that your aggro deck can ruin Durdle Nirvana for everybody?  Come talk in Battleshopper’s Discord channel!


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