Monday Morning Metagame (2/5)

Burgle’s Bash Breakdown (2/4)

Super bowl?  Bash data released at 6:45 PM?  No problem – a Bash happened, and a fascinating one at that!  Also, with HexEnt’s announcement that the Haraza Nerf is getting undone, could this  be the last week of Durdle Nirvana?  I wouldn’t miss it for the world – time to break down all the events of the weekend.

Seize the Momentum

The big story of the weekend is Momentum: decks that play resources, make their troops bigger, and smash their opponent’s face.  I’m not sure how we all decided that the time of the durdlers was nigh, but 9 players suited up various Lady Avalanche shells, and they clocked in at a ridiculous 66.7% winrate.  Early in the format, cards like Clash of Steel, Dark Heart of Nulzann and Massacre made playing out one giant threat a turn a hilariously bad plan.

In order to durdle with the best of them, DS control variants only played 2 Dark Hearts, and many mono-blood decks were running only 2 maindeck Massacres.  Turns out, there is such a thing as too greedy:  The troop-growing champion and her army of Leprechauns won the most games of any deck archetype, and also won the bash in the hands of iwannabeEuropean.

These decks are basically another take on the Pathfinder Ramp deck.  We’ve seen these decks in Ruby-Wild, powering out Runic Avalanche, in Sapphire-Wild powering out Eyes of the Heart, and now also in Diamond-Wild to fill out the lower end of the curve.  Cards like Leprechaun Artist and Shamrock the Goldfather generate card advantage to help counteract discard and disruption effects like Primordial Cockatwice and Demented Whispers.  It goes without saying that in Durdle Nirvana, nobody’s playing Cheap Shot – there were only 2 in the entire Bash.

Ruby, Ruby!

Tunuploud and Escangalha both played mono-ruby decks and we owe them our thanks.  Not only did they take it to the fat cats in the top 8, they did it with trim decks coming in around 7 and 8 thousand platinum.  They went 10-4 in the swiss:  0-3 against Diamond-Sapphire Control and 10-1 against everything else.

Their different takes are pretty neat.  Escalangha eschewed the traditional Mama Yeti package for Quenchinators.  Combined with Angus’ hero power, each Quenchinator deals just over 2 damage to the opponent when it enters the battlefield.  That, plus Coiling Nebulax and Runic Avalanche to keep generating cards to play, gave Escalangha a lot of reach.  Tunuploud took a more traditional approach, with 4 Ayotachi Brutes.  Hats off to both of them – they scythed through blood-based decks – unfortunately, they both ran into DS Control in the top 8.  Total record against DS Control:  0-5.

It’s called MONO-Blood

Just a quick public service announcement, because I’m feeling community-oriented. You guys know that deck that’s been winning everything?  It’s called Mono Blood, or Blood Control, or Bride of the Damned and her Whacky Wallet Warriors.  It’s called that because the only shards it plays are Blood.  So it can reliably activate Bride of the Damned on turn 5, and cast Strangle and Vampire Prince on turn 2.  I just say this, because it seems like people didn’t get the memo.

Notice a certain strategy populating the can’t-win bracket?

6 Deck Archetypes, played by 31 players, won less than 50% of their games.  The ruby-headed stepchild of this format, Candles, obviously clocked in at 48.  Two bold souls played Mono-Sapphire.  And 23 people decided to combine Blood with some other color.  Maybe to beat the blood mirror?  Who can tell.  Guys:  Blood does everything better, and it gets to play Bride of the Damned.  Stop watering it down with your Plan B.

Neat Stuff

Goliathus’ Blood-Sapphire Bury

Yeah.  So maybe he only got 15th.  But he 5-2’d the swiss portion of the Bash with the Bury archetype, which makes him a national treasure.  0-2 against our friends Tunuploud and Escalangha from, who were so rude as to play mono-Ruby … and 5-0 against everybody else.  Bury is at tricky deck to handle when you’re trying to durdle as hard as everybody else was.  Goliathus came ready to attack the decks of a bunch of people who had no intention of attacking him…and he almost got to the top 8 with it.

Hats off to him.  Best finish from a bury deck in a while.  Some questions though:

  • I feel, emotionally, like we need a plan against aggressive decks. Void Star isn’t going to get it done.  Maybe a fourth massacre, and a casualty of war or two?
  • There’s no world in which you’ve cast enough actions to make Psychic Ascension castable and you somehow haven’t buried your opponent’s entire deck. Find another end-game card.
  • What, exactly, is Brink of Madness getting rid of, given that your maindeck removal is mostly Herofall? I understand that, flavorfully, it’s a mill card, but…let’s free up some side-deck slots and have a plan vs. aggressive decks!

Vestris’ Ruby-Wild Quik-e-Mart

I love this archetype so goddamn much.  I tried to make it work two months ago – it was too inconsistent for me, because I was building around Merry Caravan.  Now everybody and their mother is building around Merry Caravan, and Vestris decided to go faster.

The goal of this build is simple:  It’s going to play many, many resources every turn, triggering momentum 2 or 3 times every turn.  Its troops are going to get huge, and they’re going to smash you for all of your life.  It doesn’t have access to no fancy leprechauns.  And when you can’t wish for pots of lucky coins, YOU GO TO THE CHARK MART.  Sure, it’s budget, and it costs you 4 resources, and that’s not ideal, but you get resources, and you get to play them!  And that’s good enough!

Hatehollow WitchChark MartPippit Pal

These guys shop at Chark Mart.  When you play two a turn, you need discount resources!

Vestris plays 7 2-cost troops with Crush, so blocking his giant troops isn’t going to do much.  He plays 7 3-drop troops that let him play 2 resources per turn.  He plays Palm of Granite and Pathfinder.  And he plays Chark Mart.  He’s not going to draw a lot of cards like most of these wild decks, but he’s going to reliably make enormous troups and run roughshod over everybody.  This deck is a beauty – I hope it sticks around.


  • Why not another Mightsinger? Crush troops and card advantage are the best possible thing this deck can have, and Mightsinger is both.
  • Is a 4th Hatehollow Witch better than a 4th Pippit Pal? Seems like the part where it attacks much better and offers the same effect might make it worthwhile.
  • How big was your biggest Burn to the Ground? I’m asking…for a friend.


  • If you’re gonna leave your Dark Hearts and Massacres at home, get ready to get run over by good aggressive decks. This week, we durdled a bit too much and got run over.  Beware the overdurdling.  Durdle with caution.
  • Momentum is a real deck. Notably, if your plan vs. Aggro is to ramp into Seeker, you’re going to have an awful time – it will both kill you too fast and also generally has troops of various costs.  Cheap Shot, Crackling Magma, Scars of War, Massacre are your friends here.
  • Haraza’s Banner is coming back. Pack your artifact hate.

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Metagame (2/5)”

  1. Thx for the article and mention 🙂

    To answer the questions, I only have 3 mighsingers, I sold them at the start of the season thinking I would not be able to play mightsinger as I am lacking seekers.

    The witch is actually pretty bad in some momentum mirrors, and there is the opportunity to use pal multiple times a turn with acolyte of shoku when you have 28 ressources :>.

    Actually burn to the ground did not matter too much in constructed most of the time opponents scoop before it hits. In practice it has been 28.

  2. – I take this deck into the Bash again(last week, I was 16th and had another 5-2 with it; had no time to test much this week hence the wonky sideboard) with the thinking that Haraza will be reviving on Monday, so this week is probably the climax of Durdle Nirvana so I am just banking on not meeting aggro at all, hence the weak sideboard plan against aggro. I think the day of Bury is ending now that aggro is back in motion. At least I won’t be taking it to the Bash again. This few weeks of Durdle Nirvana is probably the best time for the Bury deck to attack because (1)everyone is taking off their Robogoyles (2)aggro is least played.

    – I agree on PA. It really is just there because I have no time to tune. It does win me a match but that’s just a super rare occurance, probably. My idea is to Archive Dweller and then find PA if opponent allows me to find a card.

    – Brink of Madness is there to remove all the non-troop core cards, which I personally find abundant in this meta(before Haraza’s return; not sure about now). Eyes of the Heart, Psychic Ascension(and then Light the Votive, and you just throw away two win-cons for D/S), Runic Avalanche, Twilight Justice and etc. I don’t have ITU in my sideboard so I have to rely on Brink to void the constants before they are played or just anything I don’t want to see resolved at all. They also serve as pseudo-Herofall if I cannot find a Herofall. As I predict this to be a Durdle Nirvana, I bring Brink to mess with the durdling.

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