Spoiler – I’ll be taking that!


Hey everybody, Androod here with a sweet new spoiler! However, first let us take a look at a few cards that have always been on the fringe of standard.


Existing comparisons



Both of these cards have the powerful mechanic of gaining control of an opposing card. This action is inherently a two-for-one since it takes a card from our opponent and forces them to invest another one to deal with the stolen card. The problem with these two cards is that they don’t consistently get to achieve this.


Playtime uses the ever room dividing “punisher” mechanic which gives your opponent the choice which means you are not usually going to get the card you target. While Lapidary has to sit on the board for a turn and connect in combat. Both of these can be hard to accomplish especially when behind but have some amount of constructed history despite this proving the power of stealing opposing cards.



Luckily the card I have for you today doesn’t suffer from either of these problems and pulls a troop over to your side of the board with no questions asked. My Dead of Winter spoiler for you today is Heartsworn Mordrom!




This card has A LOT going for it. The most important thing about this card that you may miss at first glance is that payment power is a square. Yes, this power is activated by paying five charges not resources! This means he can come down and activate right away with no additional resources. If you are using the recently spoiled Frostshaper Gorkrog as your champion it gives you the fifth charge itself meaning it can be activated right away on turn four.




Initial thoughts may have you thinking that the three cost limit on what it can steal is restrictive but you have to remember we live in a Crusader standard. The crusaders are arguably the best cards in standard and have been for awhile and this guy can take them both as well as count towards our deck building requirement for Underworld Crusader. Other powerful hits include Emsee and Scion on Lyvaanth.

Possible Decks

We still have a lot of spoiler season to go and the Necrotic side of things has not had a ton a spoiled yet but I am anxious to see what else Hex is hiding from us. I envision Mordrom sliding in along side “Lixil, Heartsworn” and Underworld Crusader. The racial payoffs like Sepulchra Crypt Dust and Prodigy of Volosolov are rotating but I have faith we are going to see some new ones. The Necrotic race is pushed with a dedicated champion and Lixil being in the spot light story wise.

On the other hand we have the option of going the Ruby Sapphire route and taking advantage of the Major Galvanism gem with our charge based payment powers. Currently Naagan Lapidary is our only Necrotic with a Major Socket which is a little lack luster with only 2 ATK but we still have some spoiler season to go. Webborn Apostate is another great charge generator we have available to us.

The Necrotic have always been my favorite race in Hex and I’m glad to see them getting some love to stay relevant through rotation. I look forward to spending far too many hours trying different builds to take advantage of the racial pay offs and charge payment powers.

In Conclusion

Charge costed payment powers have the potential to be incredibly powerful. Between Mordrom and the new “Lixil, Heartsworn” Hex has proven they are willing to experiment with alternative resources and I am loving it. A long standing question with card evaluation has been “how many charges equal a card” and I think that is going to become very clear with this set. I don’t think we have enough information to start brewing with these cards yet but I think a Blood/Sapphire Necrotic deck is practically begging to be made with the pieces we are starting to see.


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